flow Flow

Flow is a high state of exquisite wellbeing, one that artists, musicians, meditators and extreme sportsmen and women seek and tell of. When focus comes to alert stillness the senses perceive separately yet simultaneously. The mind clears and a state of flow enters.

expand Clarity

Clarity sprouts from flow as a river does from its source. Crystal clear, clear as a bell – luminous, shiny. Palpable, exact, lucid, direct. Pure, bright, distinct.
Clarity engages the mind and the senses; it is a whole body experience.

connect Balance

Tension and harmony are elements of balance within which to discover the dance of mystery and curiosity. About flying and soaring Nietzsche says: “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying”.


Marianna’s curiosity about the many facets of human experience combines with substantial coaching experience and deep understanding when exploring life events and matters of importance with her clients. A soundboard…. Read more »

Coaching Retreats/Intensives

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The Enneagram offers a method of self-understanding for positive change. Developed from ancient wisdom teachings it provides a map to know yourself better, additionally points to well-laid out pathways by which to grow and develop. An online questionnaire assessing your personality style…Read more »


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Marianna has had a positive impact on literally every aspect of my life with her innate ability to insightfully and quickly uncover the real issues and dynamics at play and my role in them.

Sarah Larter