Life’s Doorways

Life’s doorways and gates tend to deposit one either profoundly, gently or hardly noticeably into experiences that are the basketwork from whence remembrances are drawn. Gates opening and doors closing as one makes decisions tend to filter one like a tide into a direction, sometimes without regard for plans and projections about the future. Else plans may proceed as envisaged, yet there isn’t satisfaction, calling for scrutiny or review – whether in the work context or one’s private Doorways and gates straddle the multiple layers of work, profession, relationships, family, vitality and health, personal desires and hopes for the future.

Be it investigation of an inner life, a first career, a second, even a third – retirement. Whether one is grappling with business, career, relationships, life changing decisions or reflecting upon the meaning of life, Marianna’s coaching programmes offer a soundboard and the opportunity to walk with a thinking partner through the avenues that make up the basketwork of life.

Multiple sessions with defined outcomes in the business context, a few sessions to work with a specific situation in any sphere of life, or singular sessions on a need to basis: the subject matter of your choice and the way you want to be coached leads the programme. Do browse the pages – there is flexibility to offerings that may interest you.

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