Coaching Retreats

Come to Cape Town, South Africa, a unique destination offering a smorgasbord of exquisite natural beauty, travel attractions, adventure and sporting activities, and open yourself to new experiences while partaking in a private coaching retreat with Marianna.

This is the perfect venue to open to possibilities as you take time out as a leader, an executive or business owner – or a private person wanting to work with aspects of your life, career or work circumstances. Sound board matters on your mind and gain clarity as you consider new and different potentials in a fresh environment – while holidaying and partaking in activities of your choice.

A life changing event, considerations about career, taking a sabbatical, retirement early or not so early – you may desire to think through the next phase of your life. Consider future scenarios in coaching conversations with Marianna.

Working daily or as frequently as you wish, moving towards outcomes over the course of the retreat. Drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge she has to offer.

A coaching retreat away at a singular venue suitable to you and your lifestyle can be arranged. Contact Marianna to discuss possibilities.

Away retreats with multiple offerings from collaborating practitioners at carefully selected venues. Enquire

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Retreat Design

The frequency of coaching and format of your personalised retreat is designed according to your needs and requirements.

Two Skype meetings would determine beforehand if a coaching retreat is for you and to establish whether there is coaching chemistry to do good work together. To further shape, plan and conclude the nature of your retreat preceding your travel.

Explore by yourself the itinerary of your choice or have Marianna accompany you, dividing your time between leisure activities and coaching conversations. Marianna would additionally partner you at golf if you wished.  Join you as coaching companion on hikes and nature walks, or explore with you Cape Town and surrounds, mecca for photography. Marianna’s photography can be viewed in Image Zone. Dining, wine tasting, equastrian, kiteboarding, the variety of potential activities are innumerable (link to tourist info).

Private tuition from a world class professional photographer, with further possibilities of private lessons or classes in what interests you can be arranged.

Accommodation venues recommended by Marianna according to the plan and budget of your retreat and the activities that you wish to include in your stay.

Contact Marianna with your enquiry

Who would benefit from a coaching retreat?

Anyone desiring to work intensively for a time to skilfully explore what they wished next from life, accompanied by an experienced coach as thinking companion.

If you have life changing or other decisions to make; perhaps you want to consider what is next in the offing, or establish a personal way to deal productively with present circumstances and challenges.

You can expect to

Take with you new and different thoughts and a fresh way of looking at things, ready to act on decisions and the clarity that you have come to.

Experience more inner harmony and a sense of balance, with a plan of how to take these forward in your life.

Improved physical well-being and vitality with more insight of how to work with health

Discover or amplify your creative nature. Establish a sense of ‘flow’ for inspiration, well-being, and greater mental capacity and decision-making ability.

Beyond the coaching retreat

Continuation of coaching on Skype after your return.

For fast-paced leaders and business owners

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