Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development

Entrepreneurial mindset development with leadership skills to enhance life and work in the changing, ambiguous context of business today. Planning and capitalising on business potentials. Coaching for entrepreneurs as well as leaders who would like to conduct their business with more entrepreneurial flair. Marianna works with senior and young leaders in organisations as well as entrepreneurs and professionals in own practice, including coaches building their practice.

Life Development Coaching

The counsel of a confidante, someone to be a soundboard and a mentor who would listen completely and deeply. Talking through dissatisfaction, challenge or crisis. Searching to answer relationship questions. Perhaps making life changing decisions. Attention to health, vitality and life balance. Existential inquiry. Discover potentials and scenarios not considered yet with Marianna in coaching contact.

Supervision for Coaches and Enneagram practitioners

Supporting coaches and Enneagram practitioners with supervision of their practice is Marianna’s purple patch.

Coaching supervision – sharing her experience, exploring deeper levels of coaching practice, disseminating unique dynamics and finding helpful ways forward with your coaching clients, Marianna would pass to you gifts gathered from considerable experience coaching over time.

Supervision for Enneagram practitioners – mentoring insights and interpretations of the Enneagram from several years of intense focus on this unique model of human nature.

A blend of coaching supervision as well as Enneagram supervision in the same conversation.