About Marianna

Curiosity about the many facets of human experience and the unique way we fit into the greater tapestry of life is at the heart of my passion for coaching. Expanding thinking in a personal and intimate way, my quest is to discover gateways of being and doing that invite different in for my clients.

Whether seeing things deeper and differently, or changing the way we do things, when accompanied by someone who is unquestioningly there through twists and turns, life takes on a certain quality. Potentials are revealed that we perhaps do not see for ourselves. Forging such partnerships with clients have been my privilege.

Twenty years of coaching experience in business and private contexts as well as a pioneering masters birthed the Whole Systems Intelligence© coaching approach. A blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and psychologies, anecdotal as well as scientific, with good old common sense and life experience, there are many arrows in my quiver. One such arrow is the Enneagram.

When at leisure I play golf, hike and enjoy the exquisite surroundings of Cape Town, with photography and painting my escorts to ‘flow’ and beauty.