Enneagram Supervision & Tuition

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a profound and deep wisdom system, offering nine personality styles that are helpful in business, coaching, education, personal development, therapy and in exploring spirituality. Each point on the Enneagram symbol represents a personality style with a unique way of perceiving, examining and interacting with people and events. The 27 substyles accurately describes how one thinks, feels and behaves, the patterns that one lives by, the habits one may have, and the advantages and disadvantages of one’s personality.

Beyond understanding the advantages and disadvantages of one’s personality, of significant value is that, the Enneagram charts distinctive developmental pathways to break from habitual living and doing to moving towards reaching one’s fullest potential. Deeper self-insight leading to growth in self-management, enhanced interpersonal relationships, with the ability to think clearly and to problem-solve in all spheres of life are some of the benefits that working with the Enneagram offer.

Working with your Enneagram Style

The first step is to complete a questionnaire to determine your Enneagram Style and associated elements. A customised report is sent to you according to whether your need is personal, business or both.

Follow-up feedback coaching of an hour and a half with Marianna would reveal some aspects not covered in the report, with the opportunity to dialogue what struck you and look into your coaching needs. In the process to visit nuances of your personality that you would like to work with and ways of doing and being that you may or may not have been aware of. Essentially set a baseline for development that you may take forward with Marianna in coaching if you wished.

To arrange an Enneagram assessment and receive feedback coaching

Contact Marianna with your request and enquiry of cost focuswork@mweb.co.za

Enneagram Supervision & Tuition

As professional coach or psychologist you may be grappling with how to take your client forward in their growth and development utilising the Enneagram, requiring Enneagram supervision or tuition to understand the Enneagram constructs and elements better. If you’re a new coach or newly trained in the Enneagram, supervision or tuition of the Enneagram may be useful to you. Perhaps you’re not a coach or psychologist and not trained in the Enneagram but desire to know more about the Enneagram.

Whether once-off as you’re dealing with something in particular, or to increase your understanding and application of the Enneagram, contact Marianna to explore possibilities that would suit you.