What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a deep wisdom system with nine personality styles that are helpful in business, coaching, education, personal development, therapy and in exploring deep questions. Each point on the Enneagram symbol represents a unique personality style. The 27 Subtypes accurately describe how one thinks, feels and behaves, the patterns that one lives by, the habits one may have and the advantages and disadvantages of these.

The Enneagram charts distinctive developmental pathways to break from living habitually to moving closer to one’s potential. Self-insight, growth in self-management, better interpersonal relationships, with the ability to think clearly and to problem-solve in all spheres of life are benefits that working with the Enneagram offer.

Your Enneagram Style

The first step is to complete a questionnaire to determine your Enneagram Style. A customised report is sent to you according to whether your need is personal, business or both. Followed by feedback coaching to reveal aspects not covered in the report, giving us opportunity to dialogue what struck you and what you’d like to take forward in coaching.

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