Artist Statement

When I take into my hand the familiar contours of my camera a sigh comes up in me and I feel free. Simple slices of beauty, the ordinary, simplicity. Imagery like Haiku for which words escape me flow into my perception and the camera lens. So much about life is complex. When I see more deeply the precise gradient of the side of a mountain, the changing edge of the ocean, flowers and beauty of any kind until their last, everything slows down. All seems unencumbered when I photograph.

Tarthang Tulku writes on The Benefits of Relaxation:

When we are relaxed, calm and open like a pool in a glade, the quality of our inner nature stands out clearly. We have a keen and direct perception of ourselves and our interaction with everything that is going on around us. Our energy is well-focused; we can think clearly, and we are able to plan and organise our thoughts effectively. We are self-assured: we know what we want to accomplish, what our obstacles are, and how to dissolve them. We work with ease, moving fluidly, in tune with our work rather than resisting its requirements, simply doing what needs to be done. Our work takes on a vital texture, alive with challenge and fulfilment, and the results of our actions reflect the relaxed quality we bring to it.