Marianna Meyer Testimonials

Marianna Meyer’s Testimonials

“I worked with Marianna for 9 months as part of a company Leadership/Coaching course that my company set up for Senior Management. Her holistic approach and innate ability to see through the fears, anxieties and negative emotions that can derail self-improvement and self-confidence has allowed me to challenge myself and excel across all spheres of my life. Marianna is an excellent coach and has the unique ability of being able to help the individual to analyse their challenge and guide them with specific and meaningful questions till they arrive at the solution through their own self-reflection. Working with Marianna changed my life and provided me with the tools to successfully face challenges that may have daunted me in the past.  I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone.”

Bruce Swanson

Marianna’s incredible capacity to focus on the essence of a problem and very quickly assist me to find effective solutions has made my nomadic expatriate life between two different countries and continents possible!  VOIP Technologies (or Skype if you prefer) made acess easy and simultaneously enabled me to become effective in the different social, political and economic contexts in which I found myself.

As a result, 15 years later, I continue to seek Marianna’s coaching wisdom!

Justin Moir

“Over 10 years ago I met Marianna for my first ever session of coaching of any sort. I sat down, said I’m not sure why I’m here, I think I’m fine, but a friend recommended you. And that was the innocent start of a profound journey of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-empowerment and a deeper and richer interaction with my world, a world which incidentally has also become richer.  Marianna has had a positive impact on literally every aspect of my life with her innate ability to insightfully and quickly uncover the real issues and dynamics at play and my role in them. I have left every session feeling better equipped to life my life with more awareness and clarity. There is work to be done, active participation and self-observation, however – this has been the best investment I could ever have made in and for myself.

I will always be so grateful that I made that initial decision to go and see what all of this was about and cannot recommend Marianna highly enough.

Sarah Larter

“Marianna coached me face-to-face and later, on the telephone as an expatriate. Both ways of working have been equally impactful. Marianna’s guidance enabled me to adopt new ways of looking at issues that have been a tremendous help to my business and personal life. She brings a lot of experience and wisdom and I’d highly recommend her.”

Lucia Moir – Regional Research Director, Millward Brown